Fee Refund Policy
  • The date of request for fee refund claims will be considered from the date of receipt of application through email at refund@ist.edu.pk.
  • Registration charges are non-refundable.
  • Security Deposit is refundable after deduction of all outstanding dues at the time of leaving the Institute and no adjustment against security will be entertained during stay in the institute. For claim of security refund by a registered student, submission of No Demand Certificate (NDC) by the student is a must. Students will be required to submit the duly completed NDC in admissions office to process the security/excess amount refund case. 
  • Only Convocation/Graduation Fee, Endowment Fund, Tuition Fee, Sports Fee, Service Charges, Library Fee and Laboratory Fee are refundable within 15 days of convene of classes on a pro rata basis as given below. No refund shall be admissible after 15 days of convene of classes either one joins IST/avail facilities or not.  
Timeline for Refund of Compulsory Fees %age of Refund
Up to 7th day of convene of classes 100%
From 8th – 15th day of convene of classes 50%
From 16th day of convene of classes  0%
  • If admission is offered after commencement of classes, date of commencement of classes will be considered as mentioned in offer letter.
  • Adjustment of student liability from 2nd Semester onward will be based on class attendance & facility will be charged as per actual. The application for the adjustment of student’s liability will only be entertained on the verification by concerned HoD and approval of Registrar.
  • In case of Admission cancellation in 1st semester cheque of fee refund will be issued in the name of student’s father/Guardian.
  • 100% dues will be refunded in case where student could not attain requisite marks/grade for admission as prescribed by the institute. This policy is only applicable on fresh admissions. However Optional Charges will be deducted as per actual usage of facilities based on 4.5 Month/Semester Basis.
  • In case of semester freeze, Only Tuition fee once deposited will be adjusted in next semester as per freeze policy after re-joining the student. If student wants to leave the institute after freezing his semester, then dues will be refunded according to refund policy present at the time of freezing the semester.
  • Transport Charges and Hostel Charges (Dormitory Charges, Shuttle Service Charges, Washing Charges) are refundable within 30 days of registration on a pro rata basis as given below. No refund shall be admissible after 30 days of registration either one joins IST/avails facilities or not. However refund will be calculated based on the date of application or date of leaving the facilities whichever is later.
  • In case of refund of optional dues (Hostel + Transport) before registration day, 100% dues will be refunded.

Timeline for Refund of Optional Dues %age  of Refund
From 1st to 7th day of Registration 90%
From 8th to 15th day of Registration 75%
From 16th to 21st day of Registration 50%
From 22nd to 30th day of Registration 25% 
From 31st day of Registration 0% 

  • Before the commencement of classes in each semester, students are required to register themselves. Registration encompasses approval of courses from respective academic department/ advisor and payment of all dues. A student shall not be considered to have been registered for the semester unless all previous dues have been paid. 
  • Hostel accommodation and transport facilities shall only be provided to students after registration.
Fine for Late Payment

The following fine will be levied for payment of fee after due date:

  • For first fifteen days after the due date, 5% of the total payable amount,
  • After fifteen days and up to one month after due date, 10% of the total payable amount, 
  • Students will only be allowed to appear in final exam after deposit of outstanding dues along with fine.
Mode of Payment

Payment of fees can be made through online Transfer/ Bank Draft/ Pay Order against the fee challan issued at any online branch of HBL (Nationwide).

Note: Cheque and cash are not acceptable.

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