Khairpur Bypass Accident

ADSL team was asked to investigate the bus/truck collision at khairpur bypass by the Ministry of Communication that occurred on 11th November 2014. An exceptionally large number of casualties (59) occurred in the accident.
ADSL team managed to generate a comprehensive report on that incident in the light of the available evidence through scientific methods and managed to reconstruct the events leading to the accident.

Kalar Kahar Accident

ADSL team investigated the incident on 27th  September, 2011 where 31  students and 6 adults died in a tragic accident on the motor-way M-2 near Kalar-Kahar. ADSL conducted an engineering investigation on the accident in 2012. FEM analysis and coherent testing approach was developed by using LS-DYNA and LS-Pre-Post.  And the vehicle was crash tested. It was found that the superstructure of the vehicle failed on 1.25 times its own weight on inversion. The vehicle did not meet FMVSS and ECE roof integrity standards by a large margin.

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