Research Papers

Apart from our commercial projects, we have always strived for new innovations and research is one of the main goals of our institution. In that regard ADSL has published quite a few articles in international impact factor journals.

  • Hassaan Ahmed, O. M. Qureshi, Abid A. Khan, Reviving a ghost in the history of technology: The social construction of the recumbent bicycle. Social Studies of Science. (2015) vol. 45 no. 1 130-136 [Impact Factor 2.15]
  • O. M. Qureshi, Enrico Bertocchi, Zeeshan Qaiser, K. A. Awan. Frequency embedded box beam crash absorbers under oblique impacts. Thin-WalledStructures75(2014)1–7 [Impact Factor 1.432]
  • Zeeshan Qaiser, Omer Masood Qureshi1, K. A. Awan, Hassaan Ahmed. Numerical Investigation of Usage of Patterned Collapsible Energy Absorbers in Steering Column of an Automotive Vehicle2013 International Conference on Aerospace Science & Engineering (ICASE). Islamabad. 2013
  • Zeeshan Qaiser  o. M. Qureshi, K. A. Awan,  Thin walled beams with sinosoidal patterns under deep bending collapse, Thin walled structures 73 (2013) 94-100    [Impact Factor 1.432]
  • O. M. Qureshi, E. Bertocchi, Crash behavior of thin-walled box beams with complex sinusoidal relief patterns, Thin-Walled Structures 60 (2013) 217–223.   [Impact Factor 1.432]
  • O. M. Qureshi, E. Bertocchi, Crash performance of notch triggers and variable frequency progressive-triggering on patterned box beams during axial impacts, Thin Walled Structures. 63 (2013) 98-105. [Impact Factor 1.432]
  • O. M. Qureshi, Thin-walled box beams with complex sinusoidal relief patterns, Oral presentation,4th GACM Colloquium on Computational Mechanics, Dresden, August 31 - September 2, 2011.
  • O.  M.  Qureshi,  Enrico  Bertocchi,  Improvement  of  crash  absorber  beams  through  embedded sinusoidal  surface  patterns:  FEM  testing  and  trigger  design,  proceedings  of  the International Conference on Transportation and Logistics Engineering, Phuket, December 21 - 23, 2011
  • Ansoldi M., Benasciutti D., De Bona F., Moro L., Morsut S., Munteanu M. Gh., O. M. Qureshi. Termomechanical  analysis  of  an  electrode  for  direct  current  arc  furnace.  Proceedings  of  9th  Int. Conference  on  Advanced  Manufacturing  Systems  and  Technology  (AMST  11),  Mali  Losinj, Croatia, June 16-17, 2011 (Editor: E. Kuljanic, ISBN: 978-953-6326-64-8, pag. 395-406).
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