Faculty for Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Abdul Munem Khan
Head of Department
PhD (Aerospace Engineering)
Iowa State University, USA
MS (Aerospace Engineering)
University of Michigan, USA
Area of Specialization: Aerospace Structures, Finite Element Analysis, Mechanics of Composite Materials, Mechanical Vibration, Aeroesalcticity.
Abid Ali Khan
PhD (Aerospace)
Beihang University, Beijing, China
MS (Aerospace)
Beihang Univeristy, Beijing, China
Area of Specialization: Aircraft Structural Design, Application of Artificial Intelligence.
HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisor New Window
Ihtzaz Qamar
PhD(Chemical Engineering)
University of Pittsburgh, USA
MS(Chemical Engineering)
University of Pittsburgh, USA
Area of Specialization: Propulsion Systems, Computational Engineering
Jamshed Riaz
Professor (Adjunct Faculty)
PhD (Flight Mechanics)
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
MS (Flight Mechanics)
Georgia Institute of Technology, USA
Area of Specialization: Flight Mechanics, Automatic Control
Khalid Parvez
University of Oklahoma, USA
MS(Aircraft Propulsion)
Cranfield University, UK
Area of Specialization: Aero / Propulsion systems
HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisor New Window
Rashid Mehmood
PhD(Applied Mechanics)
Cranfield University, UK
MS(Applied Mechanics)
Cranfield University, UK
Area of Specialization: Structural Analysis, Aerodynamics
Syed Hossein Raza Hamdani
PhD ( Fluid Mechanics/ CFD)
Area of Specialization: CFD, Aerodynamics, Airplane Design, Fluid Mechanics
Zaffar Muhammad Khan
Professor & Director General ORIC
PhD (Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering) Salford University, UK. MS (Aerospace Engineering) Wichita State University, USA
Area of Specialization: Polymer Composite Materials, Solid Mechanics and Smart Structures
HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisor New Window
Abdul Waheed
Associate Professor
PhD (Mechanical Engineering)
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Area of Specialization: Modeling Simulation and Control of Flight Vehicle
Najam Abbas Naqvi
Associate Professor
PhD (Aerospace Engineering) Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) China
Area of Specialization: Spacecraft Dynamics and Controls, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)
HEC Approved Ph.D Supervisor New Window
Abdullah Malik
Assistant Professor (Adjunct Faculty)
PhD (Aerodynamics) Loughborough University, UK MSc (Aerospace Vehicle Design) Cranfield University, UK
Area of Specialization: -
Omer Masood Qureshi
Assistant Professor
PhD (Automotive Engineering) University of Modena, Italy MS (Robotics) University of Genovia, Italy
Area of Specialization: Automotive Design and Safety
Umar Iqbal Bhatti
Assistant Professor
PhD (Navigation) Imperial College London M.Sc. (Automation and Control) King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
Area of Specialization: Navigation, Control
Adnan Munir
Assistant Professor
MS (Mechanical Engineering)
University of Sydney, Australia
Area of Specialization: Modeling/Simulation
Hayat Muhammad Khan
Assistant Professor
PhD (Automation and Robotics)
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China
MS (Control Systems)
University of Toulouse (UPS), France
Area of Specialization: Controls, Automation and Robotics
Izhar Hussain Kazmi
Assistant Professor
M. Phil (Fluid Dynamics)
Area of Specialization: Fluid Dynamics
Muhammad Anwar
Assistant Professor
MS (Aerospace/Mechanical) George Washington University, USA
Area of Specialization: Incompressible and Compressible Aerodynamics
Moeen Ud Din Saeed Rajput
MSc in Turbomachinery Aeromechanics KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and University of Liege, Belgium
Area of Specialization: Structural Dynamics and Vibrations
Abroad for PhD
Muhammad Nadeem Khan
MS (Aerothermodynamics)
NUST, Pakistan
Area of Specialization: Propulsion (Gas Turbine),Aerospace Engineering
Muhammad Zubair
MEng. (Aeronautical Engineering)
City University London, UK
Area of Specialization: Aeronautics
Saad Riffat Qureshi
MEng. (Aeronautical Engineering) University of Glasgow, UK
Area of Specialization: Aeronautics
Abroad for PhD
Salman Nazir
Raees Fida Swati
Teaching/Research Associate
BE (Mechanical) UET, Peshawar, Pakistan
Area of Specialization: Structural Design & Analysis
Abroad for PhD
Hamza Ghazanfar Toor
BSc (Biomedical Engineering)
RIPHAH University, Pakistan
Area of Specialization: Biomedical Engineering
Abroad for PhD
Hassan Abbas Khawaja
BE (Aerospace)
CAE NUST, Risalpur, Pakistan
Area of Specialization: Computational Fluid Dynamics
Abroad for PhD
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