Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License (AMEL) Program Mission Statement

The mission of this program is to prepare professionals for meeting the requirements of the modern aircraft operators with efficient maintenance, recovery, overhaul capabilities and skills, such that the work on an aircraft can be performed as per aviation airworthiness and safety standards.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License

An aircraft maintenance engineer is mostly responsible for the control, maintenance and repair of aircraft instrumentation and related aircraft equipment. These engineers also learn to set engine controls and test them for correct functioning. They play a major role being maintenance personnel to keep the aircraft 'airworthy' at all times. The maintenance of modern sophisticated aircrafts calls for high degree of technical knowledge, competence, proficiency, dexterity and integrity on part of the concerned personnel. Aircraft engineers research, design, manufacture and maintain aircraft. They work on any and every mechanical aspect of the craft, including airframes, hydraulics and pneumatics, engines and fuel systems and control and communications systems. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is also at times known as an Aircraft Technician. Engineer being a common term used in UK, while technician stands for the same thing in aviation industry. Civil Aviation is a highly regulated and respected industry controlled by national civil aviation authorities. To maintain the established desired safety standards, individuals working in the aviation industry must be licensed. Therefore a student wishing to establish a career in the Aviation Industry must undertake professional training leading to the appropriate qualifications and certification so as to become an authorized person for release of aircraft. The higher standards of safety are thus ensured by confirming that all maintenance work and all maintenance engineers are fully trained and regulated.

AMEL Program

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License program is a balanced practical and theory-based course for acquisition of license required for maintenance recovery and overhaul work on an aircraft. AMEL course is recognized by European Aviation Law, as detailed by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and gives access to real aircraft experience. Currently IST is the only in country university that has integrated the industry-standard aircraft maintenance qualification ‘EASA Part-66’ to be delivered on campus. After passing the B1 or B2 modules and completing the EASA approved training, you will be able to obtain a full EASA Part-66 Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License. The University has a unique relationship with Heinze Akademie, Germany. An EASA Part 147 Approved Organisation through Aviation Training Hub Islamabad (Pvt) Limited to conduct EASA Part 66 Cat B Exams.

Future in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

World-wide, aircraft maintenance business is enormous, and expanding with the passage of time. Approximately around 25,000 passenger and cargo aircraft are currently in service world-wide. Demand in the commercial market is forecast to more than double in the next two decades. To meet this demand, the number of jet airplanes will nearly double to 48,000 by year 2036. Thus aviation is an ever expanding field with modernization of equipment on new aircraft. Therefore, the requirements of Aircraft Engineers and Aircraft Mechanics to work on a permanent basis as an employee of an airline or MRO organization will always rise with ever increasing expansion of aviation industry.

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