ASME Midterm Meeting January 14, 2012

Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad was granted Student Chapter of American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME) in May, 2011 on the recommendations of the Knowledge and Community Operating Board (ASME) International.

Student section representatives from GIKI, UET Lahore, UET Taxila, NUST (EME), Bahria University, HITEC University etc were present. Via Skype, also present were the representatives from UET Mehran, NFC Faisalabad, NED Karachi, PNEC Karachi, and SZABIST. Matters like SDOB 2012, SLS 2012, and HPVC were discussed and the procedure for the Selection of Vice Chair SDOB ASME Pakistan was also Finalized.
Also present with us was Mr. Fawad Kiramat, the founder of ASME Pakistan, and certified trainer from Volt Academy ASME. Coach Farrukh Sohail orchestrated.

Purpose & Objectives of the Meeting
The agenda of the meeting was
  • To set the future agenda of SDOB.
  • To discuss any problems faced by student section.
  • Operating Procedure of the Student sections
  • Role of student section leaders
  • Organized ASME Activities
  • ASME SDOB Web-Site
  • ASME Newsletter
  • To create awareness among student section regarding ASME Operations.
  • Plan out all national events.
  • To determine and access our preparations for upcoming international events.
  • Maintaining Coordination between student sections regarding events.
  • Discuss the student incentives that were delivered or were supposed to be delivered.
  • To finalize the next Vice Chair Selection Procedure and to define the rules for the selection.
  • To discuss problems faced by Students at this year’s SLS (SLS 2010) and to take appropriate measures to ensure such problems don’t occur in the future.
  • To discuss any section’s reservation in any national event. SPDC 2012 Participation SPDC Events SDOB Vice-Chair Competition Judges SPDC 2012
List of Attendees
  • ASME-IST whole cabinet
  • Mr. Fawad Kiramat (Professional) 
  • Mr. Malik Usman (Professional) 
  • Mr. Farrukh Sohail (GIKI) 
  • Mr. Kamil Quddus (GIKI) 
  • Mr. Irtiza Akhtar HITEC University 
  • Mr. Usman Sajid Mir HITEC University 
  • Mr. Faisal Qayyum; UET Taxila 
  • Mr. Muhammad Saad UET Taxila 
  • Mr. Sir Muhammad Amjad UET Lahore, KSK 
  • Mr. Sir Muhammad Farooq UET Lahore, KSK 
  • Mr. Sir Muhammad Moeen UET Lahore, KSK 
  • Mr. Junaid Akhtar EME NUST 
  • Mr. Danish EME NUST 
  • Abdul Hannan EME NUST (On Skype) 
  • Mr. Usman Saeed UET Peshawar 
  • Mr. Shariq Muhammad Bahria University, Islamabad
  • From South UET Mehran, NFC Faisalabad, NED Karachi, PNEC Karachi, and SZABIST etc. via Skype Online.
Summary of Proceedings



 11:00 am

 Visit to Labs

 11:30 am

 Tea Break

 12:30 pm

 Video Conference (two sessions)

 01:17 pm


 03:45 pm

Conclusions & Recommendations

The event was well organized & perfectly planned by the cabinet. Being the first ASME, Event hosted by IST, the remarks from the attendees were encouraging. IST team is already recognized at GIKI last year by extraordinary Thanks for the support from Department, Administration & IT for their extended help for the event.

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