Workshop on Recent Trends in Surface Engineering
Workshop on Recent Trends in Surface Engineering
Surfaces and their coatings play an important role in proper functioning of materials and give rise to properties like corrosion and wear protection, hydrophobicity, catalysis, high temperature oxidation resistance, self-cleaning surfaces, radar cross section (RCS) reduction, etc. The workshop covers wide range of advanced surface and coating processes and characterization techniques utilized in automotive, aerospace, energy, electronics, biomedical, textile, petroleum, petrochemical and other applications.

About the speakers:
  • Dr. Tahir Khan received his PhD (1992) and Sc.D (2013) from the University of Cambridge and has been working in Higher Education since 1995. He has held academic appointments at Brunel University (UK) and University of Calgary (Canada) where he was Professor of Materials Engineering since 2007. Currently, he is a Professor at University of Bradford. His interests include the joining of advanced alloys, surface engineering and recently the challenges of developing useful engineering products from nanostructured powders. 
  • Dr. Abdul Mateen received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from GIKI, Pakistan. He is an Assistant Professor at IST and has received grants for various research and development projects from organizations like Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and Materials Development Department (KPK). His area of specializations includes Surface Engineering, Tribology, Thermal Spray Coatings, Energy Conversion Materials and Nano composites.
Schedule: September 5, 2017(0900-1600hrs)
Venue: Department of Materials Science & Engineering, Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad
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