Executive Committee
  1. Engr. Imran Rahman (Chairman
  2. Dr. Najam Abbas Naqvi (Secretary)
  3. Dr. Iqbal Rasool Memon (Conference Technical Chair)
  4. Mr. Zia Sarwar (Treasurer)
  5. Dr. Badar Munir Ghauri
  6. Dr. Qamar-ul-Islam
  7. Dr. Hamid Saleem
  8. Dr. Ibrahim Qazi
  9. Dr. Asif Israr
  10. Mr. Muhammad Rizwan
  11. Engr. Ishaat Saboor 
  12. Engr. Khurram Humaiyun 
ICASE Technical Chairs
  1. Aerospace and Avionics Engineering
    Chair: Dr. Iqbal Rasool Memon
    Co-Chair: Dr. Ihtzaz Qamar
  2. Satellite Design, Development and Security
    Chair: Dr. Qamar-ul-Islam
    Co-Chair: Dr. Khurram Khursheed
  3. Mechanical Engineering for Aerospace Applications
    Chair: Dr. Asif Israr
    Co-Chair: Dr. Muhammad Zubair Khan
  4. Aerospace Materials Design and Engineering
    Chair: Dr. Ibrahim Qazi
    Co-Chair: Dr. Syed Wilayat Hussain
  5. Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC)
    Chair: Dr. Jamshaid Riaz
    Co-Chair: Dr. Muhammad Ushaaq
  6. Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS)
    Chair: Dr. Umer Iqbal Bhatti
    Co-Chair: Dr. Najam Abbas Naqvi
  7. Astronomy and Astrophysics
    Chair: Dr. Hamid Saleem
    Co-Chair: Dr. Fazeel Mehmood Khan
  8. Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Science
    Chair: Dr. Badar Munir Ghauri
    Co-Chair: Dr. Waqas Qazi
  9. Applied Mathematics and Statistics
    Chair: Dr. Salman Ahmed
    Co-Chair: Dr. Muhammad Aqeel
  10. Space Technology Management and Awareness
    Chair: Dr. Rizwan Mughal
    Co-Chair:Dr. Abdul Basits
ICASE Management Committee
  1. Mr. Mirza Kashif Begg (Finance and Accounts)
  2. Mr. Imran Mukhtar (Audit)
  3. Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmad (Information Technology)
  4. Dr. Aamir Ubaid Khattak (National Exhibitors)
  5. Dr. Zahoor Sarwar (Public Organization Linkage)
  6. Dr. Abdul Basit (Technical Sessions)
  7. Dr. Yasir (Posters)
  8. Mr. Jamil Akbar (Security)
  9. Mr. Muhammad Azmat (Health & Safety)
  10. Mr. Ahmer Rafi (Foreign Exhibitors)
  11. Mr. Karamat Ali Randhawa (Budget)
  12. Mr. Jawad Rehmat ullah (Admin Support)
  13. Mr. Muhammad Naseer (Web Development)
  14. Mr. Tahir Abbas (Local Hospitality)
  15. Mr. Mohsin Ali (Procurement) 
  16. Mr. Syed Muhammad Ali (Protocol - Foreign Delegates)
  17. Mr. Nasir Ali (Protocol-National Delegates)
  18. Mr. Mohammad Ali Asif (Boarding Facility – Students)
  19. Mr. Arshad Minhas (Sponsorship)
  20. Mr. Mughees Ahmed (Faculty Suites)
ICASE Student Event Management Team
  1. Event Manager 
  2. Media and Publicity Manager 
  3. Designing and Publications Manager
  4. Operations and Logistics Manager
  5. Hospitality and Protocol Manager
  6. Marketing and Sponsorship Manager
  7. Documentation and Invitation Manager
  8. Registrations Manager
ICASE Secretariat
  1. Dr. Najam Abbas (Secretary ICASE 2017)
  2. Mr. Raza Butt (Media and Public Relations)
  3. Ms. Rabia Ali (Documentation)
  4. Mr. Waqas Jilani Joiya (Logistics and Operations)
  5. Mr. Muhammad Adeel (Graphics Designing)
  6. Mr. Waqas Ramzan (Data Management)
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Important Dates

Abstracts Submission Deadline (Extended)
April 15, 2017
Abstracts Acceptance Notification
April 30, 2017
Manuscripts Submission Deadline
July 30, 2017
Manuscripts Acceptance Notification
September 27, 2017
Registration Fee Submission Deadline
October 09, 2017 

November 14 - 16, 2017

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