OnAir and Gogo are two operators which are providing the inflight internet services where OnAir is using traditional Satellite networks to provide the services on global level while Gogo is providing its services in the North America only.

Fig.1. Communications Architecture for OnAir

Fig.2. Communications Architecture for Gogo Air

OnAir are using typical satellite communication network for achieving global coverage whereas Gogo are using a relatively smart approach taking the advantages of large number of sky scrapers in the North American metropolitans. A series of upward facing transmitters have been installed on the top of tall buildings providing a continuous coverage in the sky along the flight path.  This approach can also prove to be energy efficient as the upward facing transmitters only need to be turned on if any aircraft approaches the coverage area. However, such a scheme has its limitations as it is strongly dependent upon the presence of tall buildings in the flight path and therefore cannot be scaled to global level.

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