It has become a famous quote now that Pakistan is going through difficult times. The country’s declining economy is in dire need of foreign investment. Although the governmental R&D organizations are doing some good work in the domain of science and technology, most of that work is of non-commercial nature adding very less to the internal reserves. However, different universities of Pakistan having developed, adequate research facilities and strong faculty, are now in good position to launch commercial ventures that are more fruitful to the Pakistani nation. Designing and developing a high altitude platform will increase the confidence of the researchers at the IST. It will attract the attention of Pakistani scholars living in the foreign and will remove the very impression that there is no active research environment in the universities of Pakistan. Moreover, successful demonstration of the proposed system will help in advocating the technical capabilities of the Institute of Space Technology. In addition to the strengthening the economy and technology demonstration, the proposed project will prove to be a first step towards building a regional navigational system for the people of Pakistan. Such a system will have benefits for both the commercial and the military users.

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