Semester 1
115206Engineering Drawing & Graphics1-2
108426Computer Systems & Programming2-1
100301English Composition3-0
100101Religious Studies2-0
117401Applied Physics3-0
117402Applied Physics Lab0-1
Semester 2
114503Workshop Technology0-2
108113Electrical Technology2-0
108114Electrical Technology Lab0-1
100306Communication Skills3-0
100102Pakistan Studies2-0
Semester 3
223216Linear Algebra and Differential Equations3-0
211104Engineering Materials3-0
214242Mechanics of Materials-I3-0
214302Thermodynamics Lab0-1
214238Engineering Mechanics Lab0-1
Semester 4
323301Numerical Methods2-1
214801Machine Design I3-0
214204Mechanics of Materials-II3-0
214239Mechanics of Materials Lab0-1
214401Fluid Mechanics-I3-0
208149Electronics Lab0-1
Semester 5
323402Probability and Random Variables2-0
314403Fluid Mechanics-II3-0
314305Heat & Mass Transfer3-0
314306Heat & Mass Transfer Lab0-1
314102Precision & Metrology2-1
314802Machine Design-II2-0
300304Technical Writing2-0
314402Fluid Mechanics Lab0-1
Semester 6
308309Control Systems2-0
308302Control Systems Lab0-1
314514Manufacturing Processes3-0
314515Manufacturing Processes Lab0-1
314307Refrigeration & Air Conditioning3-0
314308Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab0-1
314205Mechanics of Machines3-0
314240Mechanics of Machines Lab0-1
Management Elective-I2-0
Semester 7
499901Design Project0-3
414601Mechanical Vibrations3-0
414602Mechanical Vibrations Lab0-1
414309IC Engines2-0
414310IC Engines Lab0-1
Engineering Elective-I3-0
Social Sciences Elective-I2-0
Management Elective-II2-0
Semester 8
499902Design Project-II0-3
Engineering Elective-II3-0
Engineering Elective-III3-0
Social Sciences Elective-II2-0
Management Elective III2-0
Course Details
Humanities & Social Science -> English
100301English Composition
Intensive instruction in writing, focusing on analysis, argument, inquiry and research. strategies for reading critically, analyzing text from different prospective, developing substantive argument through systematic revision, addressing specific audiences, integration sources and expressing ideas with clarity and correctness, strategies for formulating and investigating questions, locating and evaluating information.
100306Communication Skills
Listening and speaking skills, types of communication,
technical report writing, research documentation, speech and pronunciation, presentation environment, presentation configuration, presentation strategies, conversation skills, illustrations and visual aids.
300304Technical Writing
Intense instruction in writing: focus on analysis, argument, inquiry and research. strategies for reading critically, analyzing texts from diverse perspectives, developing substantive arguments through systematic revision, addressing specific audiences, integrating source, and expressing ideas with clarity and correctness, strategies for formulating and investigating questions, locating and evaluating information.
Humanities & Social Science
100101Religious Studies
Khutaba Hujjat-ul- Wida ( Farewell Address), The life of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon Him), Influence of Islamic Civilization on the Subcontinent, International influence of Islamic civilization.
100102Pakistan Studies
Events of 1857, ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan Movement, independence, distribution of water resources, political history, dismemberment of East Pakistan, constitution, wars, Kashmir issue, disputed areas.
400206Critical Thinking2-0
400207Organizational Behavior2-0
400211Professional Ethics2-0
Humanities & Social Science -> Social Science
Introduction to anthropology, Language and classifications, Cultural translation, witchcraft and rationality, Exchange, Reciprocity & Social Relations, Rites of Passage, An Introduction to Medical Anthropology. Styles of Discourse: Music, Myth, Oral History, Stories, Games.
Scope of Psychology, Biological Bases of Behavior, Emotions, Perception and Motivation, Cognitive Psychology, Personality, Psychology of Communication, Mass Communication, Psychology of Work Environment, Performance, Organizational Behavior, Stress Management, Relaxation Techniques.
Historical Perspectives, Society & Community, Social Groups & Social Institutions, Social Interaction & Social Norms, Social Stratification & Socialization, Culture, Social & Cultural Change, Health & Population, Collective Behavior, Civil Society & Development, Research in Sociology, Discussion on Social Problems of Pakistan.
Introduction to selected global issues, Globalization as it impacts identity and culture, The Legacy of Historical Globalization, Globalization and Sustainable Prosperity, The Role of the Citizen of Globalization.
Management Science
400212Professional Practice
This course introduces contemporary and controversial ethical issues facing the professional community. Topics include moral reasoning, moral dilemmas, law and morality, equity, justice and fairness, ethical standards, and moral development. Upon completion, students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of their moral responsibilities and obligations as members of the workforce and society.
400214Safety, Heath & Environment Management
Introduction of Health and Safety, Industrial Safety: Introduction, objectives of safety, Importance of safety in an industry, Industrial accidents, Types of accidents. Fire prevention and control, Techniques of safety management, Principles of accident prevention, Hazard analysis, Legal, Humanitarian and economic reason for action, Safety inspection procedures, Safety raining, First aid and emergency procedures. Importance of clean environment, Scale of environmental pollution, Atmospheric pollution and its effect on human health and technologies for pollution control, Industrial wastes and its treatment. Noise pollution and its effect on human health, Remedial measures. ISO Standards for Safety, Health and Environment.
400401Engineering Management
Introduction to organization, planning and decision aids, project planning techniques, organization structure, human resource management, leadership, total quality management, project management techniques, managing information system, managing operation, PERT, CPM, tools.
400402Project Management2-0
400405TQM - MGT
Fundamental principles, Standards, Techniques for quality analysis and improvements, Statistical methods and SPC, Acceptance sampling, QFD, Value engineering, Cross-functional management and bench marking, lSO -9000 application, Clauses and implementation issues.
400408Engineering Economics & Optimization
Types of costs, Equivalence, Types of investments, Depreciation accounting, Inflation and purchasing power, Time value of money, Break-even, Sensitivity & Risk analysis, Introduction to optimization, Linear & Non-Linear Programming, Calculus Based Optimization Techniques, Graphical Method of Optimization, Simplex method, Introduction to evolutionary algorithms with application in industry
400412Business and Entrepreneurship
Evolution of the concept of entrepreneur; Characteristics of an

entrepreneur. Distinction between an entrepreneur and a Manager in Economic Development, Factors affecting entrepreneurial growth (Economic, Non-Economic and Government factors) Critical factors for stalling a new enterprise. Ingredients for a successful new business self assessment and feedback Personal entrepreneurial competencies Goal setting.

Creativity and sources of new business ideas, Screening and evaluating opportunities; Product planning and development process. Creating parallel Product life cycle, finding sponsorship. Acquiring a going concern, E-commerce and business start-up and growth.

Marketing as a philosophy, marketing management: Creating a marketing plan, the business plan as selling document reasons for writing a business plan; Business Plan compilation exercise.

franchising? Becoming franchisees versus starting a stand alone business.
400416Operations Research2-0
Natural Science -> Mathematics
Introduction, functions, single & multi valued functions, inverse function and graphs polar coordinates, limit, continuity, indeterminate forms, L’Hopital Rule, infinite series, derivative and its applications, related rates, maxima and minima, Tailor and Maclaurin series comparison, ratio, root and integral tests, absolute series, integration, Wall’s formula, application, quadrature, arc length, solid of revoluation.
Partial differentiation, Advance vector analysis, Directional derivatives, Irrotational and solenoidal vector fields, Multiple integration, Guass divergence theorem, Stoke’s and Green’s theorems, Complex variables, Cauchy Riemann equation, Cauchy integral theorem and formula, Residue and residue theorem, Fourier series and Fourier transformation.
223216Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
First order differential equations, separation of variables, homogeneous, exact and linear first order ODE, higher order differential equations, Cauchy Euler differential equations, the method of variation of parameters, power series method, Laplace transformation, linearity and first shifting theorem dirac delta and gamma functions, differentiation and integral theorems, inverse Laplace transformation, system of linear differential equations, partial differential equations, method of separation of variables, solution of one dimensional heat and wave equations D’Alembert to solve wave equation.
323301Numerical Methods
Solution of non-linear equations, Simple iterative method, Newton method, Regula Falsi method, Bisection method, Solution of non-linear simultaneous equation, Simple iterative & Newton method, Calculus of finite differences, Curve fitting, Least square method. Interpolation, Newton forward & backward interpolation formula, Sterling formula, Lagrange interpolation, Divided differences and divided differences interpolating polynomial, Numerical differentiation. Numerical integration, Trapezoidal rule, Simpson's rule, Gauss Quadrature, Ordinary differential equations, Taylor series method, Euler's method, Heun's method & Runga Kutta method.
323402Probability and Random Variables2-0
Natural Science -> Physics
117401Applied Physics
Introduction, Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Semiconductor Physics, Waves and Oscillation, Optics and Laser, Space Physics.
117402Applied Physics Lab0-1
108426Computer Systems & Programming
Introduction to Computers. Computer components and systems, Networks, Operating Systems. Input/output devices, CPU, Primary and secondary storage devices.
Softwares. Word Processing, Spreadsheets, Presentation software, Internet Browsers & E-mail.
Introduction to programming, developing logic and writing a program, conditional structures, loops, functions, scope, lifetime and more on functions, single and multidimensional arrays, classes, objects and inheritance, strings, pointers, file input & output and storing data.

Recommended Book(s):
1.Programming Using C++ by Nell Dale
2.C++ how to program?, by Paul J. Deitel, Harvey M. Deitel
3.Programming & Problem Solving with C++ By Nell Dale, Chip Weems, Mark Headington

Reference Book(s):
1.C++ by Example by Aikman Series
2.Object-Oriented Programming in C++, Robert Lafore
3.Programming with C++ Object Oriented Programming By C. M. Aslam and T. A. Qureshi
Engineering Subjects (Mandatory)
108113Electrical Technology
DC circuits: Circuits sources & elements, Ohm’s Law, Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance, Fundamental circuit laws, Kirchhoff’s Laws, AC Single phase & Poly phase systems: Single phase systems, Series and parallel circuits, Resistance, Inductance, Capacitance of AC circuits, Resonance. Poly phase systems, Star & Delta connections, Measurement of power & power factor. Transformers: Voltage & current relationship of primary & secondary types of transformers, Losses & efficiency. Generators & Motors: Different types, Construction & characteristics of motors & generators.
108114Electrical Technology Lab0-1
Fundamental concepts of Mechanics, Force systems, Equilibrium, Trusses, Method of joints and sections, Frames & machines, Distributed forces, Friction.
The system, Heat and work, Thermodynamic process and cycle, First law of thermodynamics, Internal energy, Enthalpy, Equations of state, Pure substances, Phase diagram, Thermodynamic processes relationships, Steady state and steady flow process, Energy equation and steady flow devices, Second law of thermodynamics & its applications, Reversible and irreversible processes, Carnot cycle, Concept of entropy, Thermodynamic cycles, Efficiencies and their applications, Rankine cycle.
114503Workshop Technology
Introduction to manufacturing, Hand tools, Turning, Milling, Shaping, Drilling, Grinding, Joining and welding processes, Manufacturing process planning, CNC lathe and CNC milling, Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM), Woodworking.
115206Engineering Drawing & Graphics
Introduction to engineering drawing, Concept of lines, Orthographic Projection, Projection of points, Projection of lines, Solids of revolution, Introduction to AutoCAD/Solid edge, Drawing of 2D figures and 3D solids.
Analog Electronics: Semiconductor materials, PN junction, Characteristics and applications of Diode and Transistor. Digital Electronics: Number Systems, Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, Combinational & Sequential Circuits, Introduction to Microprocessors and Microcontrollers.
208149Electronics Lab0-1
211104Engineering Materials
Metals, Non-ferrous alloys, Heat treatment, Non-metals, Phase diagrams, Corrosion and degradation of materials, Atomic structure and interatomic bonding, Crystalline structure, Polymers and ceramics, Refractory materials and their types, Introduction to composite materials.
Planar Kinematics of a rigid body, Planar Kinetics of a rigid body, Three dimensional kinematics of a rigid body.
214204Mechanics of Materials-II
Analysis of stress and strain in two and three dimensions, Equilibrium, Compatibility and strain relations, Analysis of torsion, Saint Venant’s theory, Thick walled cylinders, Thin shells, Rotating disks and flat plates, Symmetrical and asymmetrical loading, Secondary stresses, Energy theorems, Statically indeterminate problems, Photo-elasticity, Strain gauges, Castiglione’s theorem, Introduction to fracture mechanics, Toughness, Critical stress intensity factor, Impact and shock load, Energy stored in body under impact loading, Stress due to impact loading.
214238Engineering Mechanics Lab0-1
214239Mechanics of Materials Lab0-1
214242Mechanics of Materials-I
Tensile, Compressive and shear stress & strain, Mechanical properties of materials, Hook’s law, Stress-strain diagram, Axial loaded members, Thermal stress, Stress concentrations, Torsion of circular bars, Hollow and compound shafts, Shear force and bending moment, Shear stresses in beams, Stress & strain transformation, Plane stress & strain, Principal stresses and strains, Mohr’s circle for stress & strain, Theories of failure, Theory of columns.
214302Thermodynamics Lab0-1
Gas mixtures, Dalton’s law and the Gibb’s Dalton law, Volumetric analysis of gas mixtures, Psychometry and use of psychometric chart, Stoichiometric chemical reaction, Enthalpy of formation and reaction, Compressors, Classification, Efficiencies, P-V and Velocity diagrams, Performance characteristics and working regimes, Classification and configurations of boilers and their applications, Boiler efficiencies and heat balance sheet, Steam Nozzles, Steam engine and steam turbine.
214401Fluid Mechanics-I
Introduction, Fluid Statics, Types of Flow, Basic equations and their applications, Incompressible flow, Flow through pipes & ducts, Flow through open channels.
214801Machine Design I
Basic criteria of design of machine parts, Determination of permissible and actual stresses, Factor of safety, Design of simple elements, Design of keys, cotters and couplings, Design of welded, Riveted and bolted joints, Design of translation screws, Metal fits, Tolerances, Standards of fits & tolerances, Surface finish, Design of spur, Helical, Bevel & worm gears, Design of rolling contact bearings, Design of journal bearings, Design of mechanical springs, Design of shafts, Design standards BS, ANSI, JIS, DIN, ISO, Design for assembly and dimensioning.
Fundamental of CAD, 3D modeling, assembly & drawing using PRO-E.
308302Control Systems Lab0-1
308309Control Systems
Open and closed-loop systems, Modeling in state space of dynamic systems, Mathematical models of mechanical, Electrical and electronic systems, Stability criteria, Control system design by root locus method, Control system design by frequency-response, PID Controllers.
314102Precision & Metrology
Significance of measurement, planning of experiments, general measurement system, calibration, static and dynamic measurement sensitivity, range, accuracy precision, repeatability, and uncertainty of instruments, measurement errors. Instruments for measurement of length, force, torque, frequency, pressure, flow and temperature. Introduction to data acquisition through computers. A/D and D/A converters.
Recommended Book(s):
1.Measurement Systems Applications and Design 1st Edition, by E. Doeblin, McGraw Hill
2.Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements by R. Figliola, and D. Beasley, John Wiley. April 30, 1991
314205Mechanics of Machines
Friction between un-lubricated surfaces, Screw threads and efficiency, Friction of pivot, Collar and conical bearing, Cone, Plate and centrifugal clutch, Belts and rope drives, Chains and sprockets, Bands and shoe brakes, Governors, Effort and power, Sensitivity, Controlling force and stability, Gyroscope, Geometry of gears, Simple and compound gear trains, Epi-cyclic trains, Compound epi-cyclic gear trains, Torque on gear trains, Dynamometers, Linkages: Synthesis and analysis, Position, Velocity and acceleration analysis, Turning moment diagram, Flywheels, Valve diagrams and valve gears, Steering gears, Balancing, Engine balancing.
314240Mechanics of Machines Lab0-1
314305Heat & Mass Transfer
Modes of heat transfer, Conduction heat transfer, Steady-state heat conduction, Electrical analogs and thermal circuits for one-dimensional internal heat source, Unsteady-state three-dimensional with internal heat energy source, Convection, Intro to viscous and non-viscous fluid flows, Boundary layers and heat transfer coefficient, Free and forced convention, Concepts of black body and gray body, Radiation exchange between black and gray bodies, Radiation network, Types of heat exchangers, Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD), Heat exchanger effectiveness, Intro to mass transfer, Fick's law of diffusion, Mean diffusion coefficient, Schmidt number.
314306Heat & Mass Transfer Lab0-1
314307Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
Vapor compression cycle, Operating conditions, C.O.P, Heat pump, Refrigerants, H-S and P-H charts, Simple vapor-absorption system, Common refrigerant-absorbent systems, Psychometric chart, Mixing processes, Summer air conditioning. Solar Radiations, Heat Transfer through Building Structures, Fabric heat gain, Overall heat transmission coefficient, Equivalent Temperature Differential (ETD) method, Occupancy load, Lighting load, Appliances load etc, Grand total load on air conditioning apparatus, Calculation of state and rate of supply air, Chillers, Cooling towers, Package units, Split system, Air handling units, Ducting, Fans.
314308Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Lab0-1
314402Fluid Mechanics Lab0-1
314403Fluid Mechanics-II
Introduction, Fluid kinematics, Fluid dynamics, Compressible flow, Boundary layer flow, Hydraulic machinery & equipment.
314514Manufacturing Processes
General overview of manufacturing processes, Fundamentals of metal casting, Metal cutting processes, Metal casting design, Materials and economics, Forming and shaping processes and equipment, Rolling of metals, Forging of metals, Extrusion and drawing of metals, Sheet metal forming processes, Lathes and Lathe operations and cutting tools, Milling machines and operations, Operation of planning and shaping, Gear manufacturing by milling, Abrasives, Grinding process & fluids, Design consideration for grinding, Ultrasonic machining, Finishing operations, Machining, Electrochemical, Electrical discharge machining, Wire EDM, Design of Jig and Fixtures.
314515Manufacturing Processes Lab0-1
314802Machine Design-II
Gears, Types of Gear , Spur and Helical Gears, Bevel and Worm Gears, Clutches, Brakes, Couplings and Flywheels, Flexible Mechanical elements. Belt, ropes and pulleys.
Recommended Book(s):
1.Mechanical Engineering Design 8th Edition by J.E. Shigley McGraw Hill
2.Machine Design, An Integrated Approach 3rd Edition by R L Norton McGraw Hill, 1986
3.Design of Machine Elements 7th Edition by M.F. Spotts Prentice Hall
Intro to Finite Element Analysis using Ansys/Abaqus/Nastran etc.
414309IC Engines
Engine classification, Real engine cycle, Working principles of SI and CI engines, Performance characteristics of petrol and diesel engines, Knocking, Octane and Cetane numbers, Engine valve timing, Pressure-crank angle diagram, Working principle of turbo-charged engine, Performance characteristics, Engine emissions and their control, Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system, Thermal reactor and catalytic converters, Trade off of NOx and HC emissions, Fuel injected petrol engine and its performance, Engine performance under part cut-out conditions and fuel savings, Introduction to fuel or multi fuel engines, CNG engines, Engine lubrication and lubricants, Fuel additives.
414310IC Engines Lab0-1
414601Mechanical Vibrations
Fundamentals of vibration, Discrete and continuous systems, Free and forced vibratory SDOF systems, Harmonic vibration, Rotating unbalance, Base excitation, Vibration isolation, Transient vibration, Systems with two and ‘n’ degrees of freedom, Solution techniques for solving ‘n’ degree of freedom systems.
414602Mechanical Vibrations Lab0-1
499901Design Project
Project identification, Aims and objectives of project, Definition of subsystems and requirements, Project feasibility, Progress presentation, Preliminary design, Finalization of analysis, Design finalization, Report preparation, Final presentation.
499902Design Project-II
Project identification, Aims and objectives of project, Definition of subsystems and requirements, Project feasibility, Progress presentation, Preliminary design, Finalization of analysis, Design finalization, Report preparation, Final presentation.
514504Manufacturing Processes-II
Introduction to facility design, Material Handling Techniques, Design of conveyer belts, Calculation of machining cost and time, Non-traditional cutting techniques (Ultrasonic machining, Machining, Electrochemical, Electrical discharge machining, Wire EDM, Chemical Etching, Laser cutting Techniques), Rapid-Prototyping, Lean manufacturing, Introduction to CIM, Fundamentals of Concurrent engineering, Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA)
Electives (Major) -> Mechanical Design & Analysis
508304Intro to Robotics
An overview of Robotics, Drive methods, Sensors for robots, Spatial description and transformation, Forward Kinematics inverse Kinematics Jacobean, Denavit-Hartenherg coordinate transformations, Force/Torque relations, Trajectory planning, Dynamics, Lagrange equations, Position control, PID control, Inverse dynamics feed forward control, Nonlinear and two parts control, Open-loop manipulators, Closed loop linkages, Epicyclical gear drives, Wrist mechanisms, Tendon driven robotics hands, Robotics application growth and cost.
511164Mechanical Behaviour of Materials
Elastic and plastic deformation, Defects and imperfections in single and polycrystalline materials, Impact and fracture toughness testing of materials, Fracture mechanics, Fatigue, Creep and stress rupture of materials, Materials selection and failure analysis.
511301Engineering Mechanics of Composite Structures
Composite material and their constituents, Unidirectional composites behavior of laminated composite plates under various loading conditions, Classical lamination theory, Effective stiffness properties of composites, Plates with moderately large deflections.
514701Experimental Stress Analysis
Elementary elasticity and fracture mechanics, Strain measurement methods and related instrumentation, Optical methods of stress analysis, Coating methods and application of statistics, Strain gauge and its application in stress analysis.
514703Fracture Mechanics
Fundamental concepts, Elastic-plastic fracture mechanics, Dynamic and time-dependent fracture, Fracture mechanisms in metals and nonmetals, Fracture toughness testing of metals, Fatigue crack propagation, Environmentally assisted cracking in metals, Computational fracture mechanics.
514803Finite Element Methods
Introduction to Finite Element Methods (FEM), Truss analysis, Variational and weighted residual formulations, Shape functions, Stress analysis for one & two-dimensional problems of structures, Beam analysis, ANSYS software for FE analysis.
Electives (Major) -> Fluid & Thermal Systems
514311Gas Turbines for Propulsion & Power Generation
Open-cycle and closed-cycle gas turbines, Thermodynamic cycles and fluid dynamics of air breathing gas turbines (Turbojets, Turbofans, Turboprops), Ramjets and scramjets, Thermodynamic cycles and fluid dynamics of closed-cycle gas turbines, Performance of specific engine components such as inlets, Combustors, Nozzles, Axial compressors and turbines.
514312Power Plants
Thermodynamics review, Fossil fuel steam generator, Brayton cycle, Open and closed cycle power plants, Combined cycle power plants, Combustion chamber configuration, Fuel injection system, Combustion, Flame stabilization, Gas turbine and jet engine power plants, Diesel engine power plant, Combined Heat and Power plants (CHP), Hydroelectric power plants, Power plants using renewable energy, Wind mills power plants, Renewable and non-renewable energies used as hybrid energy systems, Wind energy, Wind turbine design specifications, Geo-thermal, Biomass energy conversion methods, Solar Thermal power plant, Nuclear energy power plants, Fuel cells technology, Environmental impacts of power plants.
514404Gas Dynamics
Basic governing laws of conservation of mass, Momentum and energy, Limitations, Sub-sonic and supersonic gas flow, Mach number and Mach angle, Isentropic Flow and Applications, Operation of nozzles under varying pressure ratios, Normal and oblique shocks, Prandtl-Meyer compression and expansion with applications, Rayleigh flow and Fanno flow, Busemann’s shock polar diagram.
514406Thermo Fluid Applications and Design
Integration of Thermodynamics, Fluid mechanics and heat transfer by using design projects involving modern technologies, such as electronic cooling, Vapor compression power cycles and turbines, Activities include problem definition, Design creation and analysis, Mathematical modeling, Cost analysis and optimization.
514407Turbo Machinery
Impact of free jets, Dimensional analysis and similitude, Impulse turbines, Reaction turbines, Centrifugal pumps, Reciprocating pumps, Power plants their types and principles of operation.
515219Computational Fluid Dynamics3-0
Electives (Major) -> Manufacturing Systems
514519Production Planning & Control
Mass and flow production, Batch production, Production design and development, Functions of management, Personnel management, Network techniques and their applications, Material purchase, Handling and stores management, Product sale and marketing management.
515101Industrial Engineering
Principle of motion economy, Time study, Work sampling, Productivity and work force management, Manufacturing cost analysis, Materials management, Quality management, Production planning and control, Management information system, Product design and development.
Electives (General)
505222Aerodynamics-AAE 4xx3-0
514902Automobiles Technology
Introduction to automobile, Basic components of automobile, Mechanical and hydraulics brake system, Petrol and diesel engines, Lubricating system, Cooling system, Electrical system, Ignition system, Automotive air conditioning.
515001Renewable Energy Technology
Introduction, Types of energies (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Ocean thermal, Biomass, Tidal wave), Fuel cell and heat pump systems, Energy efficiency issues and energy storage, Potential of using renewable energy resources as supplement of conventional energy resources, Renewable and non-renewable energies used as hybrid energy systems, Modern renewable energy plants, Wind energy, Wind turbine design specifications, Compatible electric generators and major operational issues of the wind mill for electric power generation, Wind mills design usage for pumping water, Biomass energy conversion methods, Detailed description of biomass energy conversion plant, Operational and maintenance problems and their remedies.
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