Message from HoD Materials Science and Engineering Department

Materials Science and Engineering is a stimulating interdisciplinary field that can be linked with many important challenges such as energy, environment, communication, health and many others. The program of Materials Science and Engineering provides an in-depth education in a broad spectrum of materials (such as metals, ceramics, semiconductors, composites, polymers, functional & aerospace materials) and prepares students for careers in a variety of industries, as well as for advanced studies in this field. The students learn how to fabricate, choose and manipulate the properties of various materials as well as to predict the behavior of various materials under different environmental conditions.

The field of materials is enormously wide but some of the most active research areas include energy harvesting and storage, solar cells, micro/nano electronic devices, optoelectronics, graphene, nanowires, bio-inspired nanostructured materials, electroactive materials, nanocomposites, and other multifunctional materials. We, at IST, have strived to set up a degree awarding department of international standard and to provide a platform for world-class research in materials for conventional, commercial, defense and strategic applications.

Dr. Ibrahim Qazi
Materials Science and Engineering

1, Islamabad Highway,
Islamabad 44000
T: +92-51-9075100
F: +92-51-9273310 E:
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