Training Course on Qualitative and Quantitative Estimates of Vegetation Using Hyperspectral and Multispectral Remote Sensing
Hyperspectral Remote Sensing (HRS) also known as imaging spectroscopy is one of the emerging remote sensing technology for mapping of minerals, vegetation, and man-made structures. “Hyperspectral” with its tens or hundreds of bands distinguishes it from other sensors. It collects ground information in a series narrow and contiguous wavelength bands (10-20 nm interval). It has continuous spectra like a laboratory quality spectra collected by a spectroradiometer which is used to understand the spectral characteristics of a substance. The applications of HRS are mapping of mineral and soil types, mineral exploration, agriculture and forest productivity, snow cover etc. This training program focused on the applications of HRS in vegetation monitoring, quantitative assessment of vegetation their biochemical and biophysical characteristics etc. 

The main features of the training course were:

  • Demonstrate the Hyperspectral Remote Sensing, Data Preprocessing and Hyperspectral Image Processing
  • Provide understanding of application of Hyp the rspectral data in Agriculture, Crop yield, and Forestry etc.
A brief report on the subject Training Course can be downloaded below.
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