Professional Development Center (PDC-Institute of Space Technology) offers continued training and professional development services to both Industry and Academia. PDC-IST aims to equip industrial and academic professionals with state of the art technology and practices to enhance their productivity and efficiency. PDC-IST has conducted a number of hands-on, industrial related problem-specific and activities based on case studies by engaging certified and experienced resource persons/instructors/trainers from within IST and also from abroad. These activities are conducted in a variety of useful formats such as: webinars, seminars, workshops, courses at conferences, and customized on-site training.

Since its beginning in the year 2013, IST-PDC has conducted a total of 328 training activities to cover a reasonable range of disciplines and topics in the field of science and technology. In the foregoing process, 15,845 professionals have been trained and certified with standard practices of management, science & technology

Upcoming Events
  • 8 Weeks "Research Excellence Course", 01 April 2018.
  • Workshop on  "Scanning Electron Microscopy", 3-05 April 2018.
  • Seminar on "Writing Wining Proposals for Research Fundings from Local and Foreign Agencies ", 11 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Hands-on Deep Machine Learning - Start Implementing ", 11 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Research Project Management", 11-12 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "ANSYS Workbench- Mechanical (Level-01)", 16-18 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Introduction to Applied Reliability", 16-18 April 2018.
  • Workshop on, "Managing Critical Aerodynamic contingencies in Helicopter Operations", 18-20 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Creative writing skills", 19 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Entrepenurial Boot Camp", 23-27 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Making Right Move for Researchers", 24-25 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Parametric Modeling with CREO", 24-26 April 2018.
  • Workshop on "Polymer Nanocomposites Materials", 14-16 May 2018.
Annual Training Calendar 2018
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