If necessity is the mother of invention, then most of the innovations were spear headed by NASA for commercial applications according to Technology Readiness Levels (1-9) TRL is a measure used to assess the maturity of evolving technologies during its development from lab scale to launching pad.
The basic applied research is carried out at academia (TRL 1-3), the technology development is carried out at R&D technology centers (TRL 4-6), and the prototype is qualified in the final phase (TRL 7-9). The prototype is offered to industry for mass production.  ORIC focuses on technology development from NASA TRL-4 to TRL-6 through optimal utilization of capital and human resources in academic institutions, private/Public R&D centers and industry in TRIZ environment. 
TRIZ is translated as the theory of solution of invention problems, having two concepts; innovation and creativity. In order to use innovation and creativity, the foremost requirements are empowerment and freedom of thinking. That is what we do; provide empowerment to our thinkers, who become inventors due to freedom of thinking.

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