Dr. Moazam Maqsood
Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering Dept

I am a faculty member in Electrical Engineering department and a member of WISP Lab. I obtained my PhD from Surrey Space Centre, University of Surrey, UK in 2013. During my PhD I got a chance to work with the renowned Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd to design the GPS antennas for remote sensing instruments. At IST I am involved in several research and commercial projects. I am currently working on the development of high altitude platform (HAP) for the provisioning of wireless access to remote areas of Pakistan. I am also involved in the development of 3U Cubesat. Recently, I have started working on the development of a microwave landing system for autonomous UAVs. My other interests include RF front end design and antennas, IoT for Industry, home automation and smart systems etc.

Email: moazam.maqsood@ist.edu.pk

1, Islamabad Highway,
Islamabad 44000
T: +92-51-9075100
F: +92-51-9273310 E: info@ist.edu.pk
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