Rules and Regulations 2018
  1. Events are divided into two levels
    1. Abecedarian Level: Grade 5- 8
    2. Virtuoso Level: Grade 9-12 / O & A levels
  2. Only one team per Institute/School/College per competition is allowed.
  3. Registration is only through Space Ambassador. IST will consider only those Nomination forms that are duly filled and attested by the Space Ambassador and the Head of the Institute.
  4. You are provided with a Nomination form and it does not confirm the registration as final registration confirmation will be done by IST and will be communicated to the Space Ambassador of your school/college.
  5. Nomination forms submission deadline is Sep 27, 2018.
  6. Nomination submission form is also available in soft form at our website.
  7. Fill the nomination form in Block Letters as these names and spellings will be used for certificates printing.
  8. Maximum registration limit, as mentioned with all competitions in the nomination form, will be strictly followed and slots will be allotted to schools on first come first served basis.
  9. Nomination forms can be sent by email or by post. IST will only consider the receiving date of the nomination form for the registration slots allocation.
  10. IST reserves the right to accept or reject any registration without assigning any reason.
  11. Participants must bring their original CNIC/Student ID card. It is mandatory for participants to wear the student ID card throughout the event.
  12. If any foreign student/faculty participant is interested to participate, then a copy of passport with a cover letter from the school/college shall be submitted 15 days before the event.
  13. Original CNIC & School/ College ID card for the teacher/coordinator is obligatory.
  14. Accommodation, Meals, Transport and TA/DA will not be furnished by IST.
  15. Decision of judges shall be final and unchallengeable. However, in case of any dispute, the verdict by the Director, Department of Student Affairs (IST) being the arbitrator, shall be final and binding on all the participants.
  16. Theme/Medium/Titles and time limits will be followed strictly.
  17. Participants of all competitions are required to be present at the stated venue 15 minutes prior to the event time.
  18. Teams can be short-listed for any competition, based on the written qualifying round (if required).
  19. There are some competitions with workshops and it is mandatory to attend the workshops on the given time and venue.
  20. Host will assign performance slots to the participants.
  21. Winner and Runner-up prizes shall be awarded for each competition but only one prize will be awarded if the contestants are less than 5 (five) in any competition. All the prize winners and participants will get the certificates too.
  22. Each school/college will be allotted 15 points for being winner, and 10 points for being Runner-up for each competition. At the end of all competitions, the team scoring maximum points in all competitions will be declared as the “Champion of IST World Space Week 2018”.
  23. The artwork will remain the property of IST.
  24. Participants of Space Creative Writing are advised to bring all the necessary writing material with them, i.e. Pen, Ball point, Pencils etc. IST will provide writing sheets only.
  25. Participants of Space Fine Arts are advised to bring all the required material with them, i.e. Brush, colors, paints, spray paints etc. IST will provide drawing sheets only.
  26. Use of indecent language, derogatory remarks about important personalities, national leaders, political parties, government agencies, religion/ sect or teachers can lead to disqualification.
  27. Any team found involved in any type of cheating (PDAs, Palm-tops, cell-phones etc.) will be disqualified with immediate effect.
  28. Participants must not attempt to manipulate the rules and regulations to their advantage.
  29. Any institute’s pictures/artwork/video exhibiting vulgarity, racism, religious discrimination or any other offense will be disqualified.
  30. All routines, music, choreography and costumes must be suitable for family viewing. IST reserves the right to deduct points, disallow or disqualify any act for any reason, including those considered unpleasant or vulgar.
  31. All participants are expected to act graciously during their stay at IST and interact with other participants, officials and judges respectfully. Failure to do so may result in disqualification from the event.
  32. The use of tobacco or any other drug at IST premises is strictly prohibited.
  33. Distracting or interfering with any competitor, any official, judges or organizers can lead to disqualification.

Note: IST reserves the right to change details /rules /venues /date / time of the competitions without assigning any reason.

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