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PhD Mathematics

Course Work

  • Minimum 18 credit hours of course work must be undertaken with at least CGPA of 3.0 out of band 4.0. 
  • Migration/Transfer of the courses from other Universities/Institutes is allowed as per IST Migration/Transfer policy
  • The list of six PhD courses must have been approved by DBGS
  • DBGS will assign him/her a supervisor as per IST Policy in vogue after listening to his/her presentation

Comprehensive Examination

  • Comprehensive examination is conducted after successful completion of PhD course work. The comprehensive exam comprises of three-written papers namely paper A, paper B and paper C (80%) and an oral examination (20%) 
    • Paper A includes four major courses as suggested by DBGS and the respective supervisor;
    • Paper B comprises six courses taken by the students in their PhD course work;
    • Paper C comprises of general IQ and English language OR four-six BS & MS mathematics courses decided by DBGS.
    • Passing marks for each written paper is 60%
  • Passing marks for oral examination is 60%. The final result in the oral examination will be average of marks assigned by DBGS members
  • Students, who fail in comprehensive exam, will be allowed only once to reappear, failing which, the PhD-studentship will be terminated from IST


  • After successful passing of the comprehensive exam, a student will write his/her synopsis paper and  present/defend his/her synopsis in front of DBGS
  • The presentation/defense of synopsis will be graded by DBGS, written Synopsis is 40% and presentation is 60%
  • The passing marks of synopsis are 60%

Research Work

  • 24 credit hours of research work spanning over at least two years through continuous registration in  Thesis-I, Thesis-II, Thesis-III, and Thesis-IV of 6 credits each
  • Two research publications in journal(s) of W-category, defined by HEC, and these publications should also be ranked by Journal Quality Ranking System (JQRS) (, defined by IST. It is important to mention that only W-category journals of HEC are ranked in JQRS. The publications topic(s) should be relevant to the PhD specialization area of research.

PHD Thesis

  • Dissertation recommended for defense by PhD supervisor
  • Dissertation recommended by the DBGS
  • Plagiarism check of thesis must be conducted and endorsed by the respective supervisor, as per HEC policy
  • Dissertation recommended by pre-defense committee (after presentation), the committee must consist of at least two DBGS members (including the supervisor) and two subject experts from other local universities
  • Dissertation approved by two foreign experts in the relevant field from technologically advanced countries (see HEC guideline for the advanced countries list) who are active researchers (have published at least one ISI indexed impact factor paper in the last three years)
  • At least two JQRS indexed accepted papers at the time of final defense
  • An open defense of the thesis after positive feedback from foreign and national experts and local examiners of the defense committee*
  • A viva meeting between candidate and defense committee to discuss corrections required in the dissertation. The candidate will be informed about the outcome of defense.
  • Participation into student seminars, in terms of attendance and deliverance, will have 20% weightage towards final evaluation of MS/PhD thesis.