Advanced Composite Design and Analysis - 17-19 Apr 2019
Prof. Zaffar Mohammad Khan
Innovative experienced and accomplished aerospace and mechanical engineer having wide ranging teaching, research and development experience in advanced materials, solid mechanics and smart structures. 

Having solid industrial experience of composites R&D for British Aerospace, Eurocopter Division, NASA Langley and AERO Composites, I have successfully developed all-composite structural systems of aerospace vehicles, automobiles, and windmill blades according to NASA TRLs through affordable design for manufacturing processes based on VARM/LRI and thin laminate theory,  Besides processing proven ability to teach graduate and undergraduate various courses related to Materials, Mechanics and Manufacturing, I have successfully initiated, and executed split graduate programs in aerospace and mechanical engineering in collaboration with Iowa and Michigan State Universities.

I am adept at determination of industrial requirements, formulation of research proposals and collaborative research. My professional certifications include composites design manufacturing, fiber optics and nancomposites. I possess strong management, leadership and communication skills.

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