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Harassment Complaint Cell

The Institute of Space Technology (IST) is committed to fostering an all-inclusive and supportive learning environment for its community. In abidance with The Higher Education Commission’s (HEC) Policy on Protection against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions, IST has a zero-tolerance policy for any untoward conduct that violates the dignity of any individual within the institution.

The Harassment Complaint Cell (HCC) was established on 20 February 2012, for monitoring and protection against sexual harassment of any individual at IST. It has since developed policies and procedures to address sexual and gender-based harassment so that members of the IST community feel safe and secure in a harassment- free environment since they have an avenue to voice their grievances.

Inquiry Committee Members for Anti-Harassment are
  1. Dr Suhail Akhtar (Dean) - President
  2. Dr Aysha Bokhari - Member
  3. Col (r) Umar Saleem - Member

For further information about the policies or harassment issues, kindly contact:

Dr Ausima Sultan Malik, Head of the Harassment Complaint Cell (HCC), IST
Room number 210, Second Floor, Rashid Block, IST

Dr. Syeda Aysha Bokhari
Room number 208, Second Floor, Rashid Block, IST

Every member of the IST community has the right to work and conduct learning, research, and scholarship without being subject to any form of discrimination, harassment, or social pressure. The HCC’s investigative process is designed to be confidential and fair. No reprimand will be initiated for filing a legitimate complaint. HCC will ensure the protection of the rights of the complainant and the accused.

Eliminating harassment from educational institutions requires a cohesive effort by its community – the HCC is IST’s spearhead in this endeavor.

Harassment Policy

HEC Policy Guidelines on Harassment
June, 19, 2023 - 376.93 KB - 247 Downloads | Download
Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act, 2010
June, 19, 2023 - 100.48 KB - 227 Downloads | Download