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The Cyber and Information Security Lab (CISL) is a research lab located within the Department of Avionics Engineering at the Institute of Space technology, Islamabad. The lab is staffed with several research fellows, acquiring PhD in Electronics, Mathematics, Communications and Information hiding and faculty members of Avionics Engineering Department and Applied Mathematics Department. The research at CISL encompasses mathematical applications for cyber security, design and development of cyber security for wired and wireless networks and information hiding. In addition, CISL offers different courses, workshops and seminars related to information hiding & assurance and computer & network security.

The mission of the CISL is to educate and inspire intellect about importance and methods of sharing secured information through innovative research by outreaching national and international organizations.


  • Dr. Majid Khan, Assistant Professor and Core member of Cyber and Information Security Lab has just crossed 100 research articles on Google scholar with more than 250 impact factor.
  • Four fellows won from parent organization