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The Cyber and Information Security Lab (CISL) is a multi-disciplinary state-of-the-art research lab located within the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Institute of Space technology, Islamabad. The lab is staffed with several research fellows - pursuing PhD in Electrical Engg, Mathematics, Communications and Information hiding with faculty members of Computer Science, Electrical Engg, Avionics and Applied Mathematics Department. The research at CISL encompasses design and development of network applications related to cyber security, mobile networks and information hiding. In addition, CISL offers different courses, workshops and seminars related to computer networks, cryptography, information assurance, computer forensics and network security.

The mission of the CIS Lab is to promote cutting-edge research in finding security vulnerabilities in systems, computer network application development with a security perspective and to train young professionals from national and international organizations in the field of network security.