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The past century has been host to many technological advancements resulting in a gradual progression towards the betterment of society. Space science as such, has been a vital force behind this advancement and has revolutionized the process of advancement.

In this backdrop, it was decided in the year 2002 to establish an educational institution that would impart specialized education in space and related science to bring our nation at par with the international community. Thus, the Institute of Space Technology came into existence in September 2002 offering undergraduate degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Communication Systems Engineering as its core disciplines.

In fall 2008, the institute launched an undergraduate program in the field of Materials Science & Engineering, as well as a graduate indigenous program in Communication Engineering. A part from these indigenous programs the institute is collaborating with Beihang University (BUAA), North Polytechnic University (NPU), China and University of Surrey (UniS), UK to offer linked graduate programs in more than dozen areas.

Starting from fall 2011, the institute launched undergraduate engineering program in the field of Electrical Engineering instead of Communication Systems Engineering.

In fall 2012, the institute launched undergraduate programs in the field of Mechanical Engineering and Space science.

With HEC’s foreign faculty program, IST has a significant number of specialized teaching staff at IST who have brought home with them years of experience abroad.

IST’s aim is to provide the state-of-the-art training facilities that will enable IST students to acquire hands-on experience, an acute requirement in the professional world. With that in mind, IST’s notable achievements over the past year have been the up gradation of the experiment and research facilities. Equipment like subsonic and supersonic wind tunnels have been set-up. IT facilities have been further enhanced with the addition of high-end-servers and broad band internet accessibility.

During stay at IST, students meet intellectual challenges, develop invigorating ideas and brace tough competition.