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Avionics System Design Lab


Avionics system design lab is engaged in the design & development of safety critical, complex cyber physical systems. The knowledge base is applicable to all airborne and autonomous systems where safety is paramount.  This Lab serves the dual purpose of practically educating undergraduate avionics engineering students in the advanced concepts of Avionics System Design & conducting research work in the field of Avionics Engineering.

The lab is well equipped to carry out avionics integration work based on Mil-Std-1553B and ARINC-429 data buses. The whole process of the design of certifiable, safety critical avionics systems inclusive of complete System Safety Analysis (in accordance with SAE-4754A/ED-79A & SAE 4761A/ED/84A) and Model Based Design methodology as per RTCA DO-331/ED-218 is demonstrated in the lab. System prototypes comprising software and hardware are developed in line with RTCA DO-178C/ED-12C & RTCA DO-254/ED-80.

The research work is focused both on the spheres of onboard Avionics and CNS+A (Communication, Navigation and Surveillance Avionics) Systems. Key research domains are: -

  1. Flight Control Systems
  2. Autonomous Guidance and Navigation Systems
  3. CNS architectures for Urban Air Mobility
  4. Integration of UAS in National Air Space
  5. Certification of AI/ML in safety critical avionics
  6. Human Machine Interactive Interface