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About Avionics Department

Avionics is one of the key components of Aeronautics and Astronautics that focuses on electrical, electronics and computing aspects of aircraft and spacecraft. Avionics and Aerospace Systems blend together to make the amazing aerial and space vehicles of the modern era a reality. However, the avionics systems not only constitute the on-board electronics systems but a number of ground based systems that help in Air Traffic Management, namely, communication, navigation and surveillance systems. Avionics systems are primarily complex cyber physical systems that comply with ultra-high reliability criteria to meet design requirements of safety critical aviation and space borne systems. Even autonomous surface and marine vehicles use design processes developed for avionics systems. As such, avionics is a broad based applied field and avionics engineers acquire practical knowledge of multiple domains of electrical, computing and aerospace disciplines.

In the Department of Avionics Engineering we are committed to imparting practical knowledge and skills to our students, which makes them a very sought after candidates for a wide range of engineering outfits, both military and commercial. We have state of the art labs equipped with most relevant systems. We boast a faculty that is not only academically highly qualified but also carries vast and varied experience of working in prime aviation and space related organizations. Our hallmark is the personal interaction we maintain with all our students. Owing to their versatile knowledge base, the employment percentage of our graduates is higher than other disciplines .

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