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Space Science is the study and research of issues specifically related to space flight/ travel and space exploration. It comprises of interdisciplinary fields e.g. Stellar, Solar, Galactic and Extragalactic Astronomy, Planetary Science and Physical Cosmology, Astrobiology, Astrochemistry, Astrophysics, Space Plasma Physics, Orbital Mechanics/ Astrodynamics, Atmospheric/ Environmental Science, Satellite and Space Communications, Space Systems, Space Environment and Space Medicine.

Rapidly growing subjects of Space Science in the present era of information technology are in process of evolution from the state of infancy to the advanced levels at academic and research institutions. The significant subjects falling under the umbrella of Space Science comprise Remote Sensing, Satellite Applications, Space Physics, Astrodynamics, Atmospheric Science etc. The courses offered in the department are the main building blocks of Space Science. Emphasis has also been given to research and applications-oriented areas such as Flight Dynamics and Control, Space Mission Design and Analysis, Space Data Processing and Geoinformatics. The Space Science uses new space-age technologies like satellite positioning, space data visualizations, analysis tools and space data interpretation to greatly advance scientific understanding of Earth and its systems. With the launch of Earth resources satellites in Low Earth Orbit and Communication Satellites in Geostationary and various other orbits around the Earth, space based observatory mission, deep space probes and robots for planetary explorations; the last decade has witnessed a wide spectrum of applications in diverse fields subject to the need and quality of imagery datasets acquired from the Earth orbiting satellites. The advances in computing technology & techniques have also contributed a lot in the development of more sophisticated than ever sensors capable of observing the Earth with specialized and dedicated on-board sensors with the help of satellite constellations.

The Space Science department at IST is a truly multidisciplinary department. As society looks towards the future, we continue the pursuit of further understanding the Earth system and beyond with our focus on, Remote Sensing and Geographical Information Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Physics, Astrodynamics, Atmospheric and Environmental Science, Meteorology and Earth Sciences. The department also conducts public awareness programs like Sky-watch/ Star-gazing shows and World Space Week (UN) for scientific outreach.