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Message from Dean-IST Dr Iqbal Rasool Memon for Online Exams
My Dear Students,

As-Salam u Alaykum,

I hope and pray that you all are fine, staying positive and looking after yourselves and your families.

As per the then Govt of Pakistan instructions, we initially announced to re-open IST on 1st June 2020 as per our 1st communique (4th April 2020) and then the re-open date was extended for 20th July 2020 as per our 2nd communique (15th May 2020).

However, the situation didn’t turn out as envisaged then, therefore, in line with the latest directives from the Government / HEC, the end semester exams on “Online Mode” have been scheduled to start from 4th August 2020 for Graduate Programs and from 10th August 2020 for Under-Graduate Programs.

Details are as under:

BS Exam Dates 10th – 19th August 2020. (Date sheet will be issued shortly)
BS FYP Dates 24th – 27th August 2020
MS / PhD Exam 4th – 13th August 2020
Result 1st week September 2020
New Semester 14th September 2020

Obviously being something new, we will manage to develop adequate awareness and instructions on the conduct before the exams including a mock exam atleast one week prior to start of exams, but this timely announcement of exam schedule today will afford the students a reasonable reaction time for preparations.

Rest assured, this plan has been envisaged as per Govt directions, with a view to ensure your safety and minimize the chances of loss of your semester. Your wholehearted cooperation is desirable to make this effort a success.


My Dear Students,

We hope all of you and your families are safe and adopting the necessary precautionary measures. In order to facilitate students to apply for Add / Drop / Withdraw courses and to Freeze Semester, all forms are made available in the Download Section of IST website. Following procedure will be followed to apply for any of above activity online:-

  1. Students will submit the required filled form to Academic Coordinators.
  2. Academic Coordinators will forward the forms to HOD after due verification.
  3. HOD will forward the request of student to Dean IST for Approval.
  4. If the request is approved by Dean IST then it will be forwarded to Finance department for financial concurrence and payment of online challan. In other case it will be returned to the dept.
  5. Finance department will send the online challan to students.
  6. Students will submit the soft copy of paid challan to finance department for verification.
  7. After approval from finance department, form will be sent to Admission Office for marking of requisite information in AMS.

Students are requested to consult their respective academic coordinators for resolution of their academic problems.


Revised Spring 2020 Semester Plan
My Dear Students,

I pray for the health, wellbeing and determination for you and your families.

In the wake of further extension in opening of universities by Govt, a fresh schedule for Spring Semester 2020 has been planned by IST. Since the start of online teaching number of difficulties have been overcome with the help of both students and faculty. We are grateful to the students and faculty for their cooperation towards successful conduct of online courses.

We continue to follow hybrid system of teaching comprising online lectures and regular classes to complete the semester courses. In order to facilitate students, the assessments have been divided into Minor and Major categories. Most of the minor assessments will be conducted during the online teaching, such as, assignments, quiz, presentations, etc and few will be conducted during regular classes also. Major assessments, such as, End Semester Exam will be conducted during regular face-to-face classes. The semester plan after opening of university is given below, for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Activity Dates Weeks
Regular Face-to-Face Classes (includes Eid holidays) 20 Jul ~ 21 Aug 5
End Semester Exam 24 ~ 28 Aug 1
Results Compilation 31 Aug ~ 4 Sept 1
Break 7 Sept ~ 11 Sept 1
Start of Fall 2020 Semester 14 Sept  
Activity Dates Weeks
Regular Face-to-Face Classes (includes Eid holidays) 20 Jul ~ 7 Aug 3
End Semester Exam 10 ~ 14 Aug 1
Results Compilation 17 Aug ~ 21 Aug 1
Break 24 Aug ~ 11 Sept 3
Start of Fall 2020 Semester 14 Sept  
Note: The thesis conduct of graduate students will be held online, if required
The weightages for different categories have been decided in a way that students will have equal opportunity to score during both online and regular classes.
a. Assignments 30~35% (could include projects, ppts, etc)
b. Quiz 15~20%
c. ESE 45~55%

For the completion of undergrad Final Year Projects, the students will be given additional time of 10 weeks after opening of the university.

May Allah be with us in accomplishing our set goals.


Contact Persons for Various Important Matters
In order to further facilitate the students, Vice Chancellor IST has nominated Contact Persons to address various important matters. The details of the nominated officers are as follows:

Name Designation Domain Contact Info (e-mail)
Engr. Ishaat Saboor Khan Registrar COVID 19 matters
Dr. Abdul Munem Khan HoD- Aero Online Classes
Dr. Ibrahim Qazi HoD-MSE Online Classes
Dr. Asif Israr HoD-ME Online Classes
Dr. Qamar ul Islam HoD-SS Online Classes
Dr. Khurram Khurshid HoD-EE Online Classes
Dr. Salman Ahmad HoD-AM&S Online Classes
Dr. Abdul Waheed A/Director (Avionics) Online Classes
Mr. Zulfiqar Ahmed HoD-IT IT, Digital Library Access
Mr. Umar Saleem Butt CoE Exam
Mr. Muhammad Hassan Masud HoD-Admission Course Registration


Dear Engineering Students,

Kindly complete the online survey required by PEC latest by 03-May-2020 as PEC has extend the deadline for submission of data through online survey form by May 3, 2020 using the following link:

This survey is requested by PEC to improve the internet service bandwidth in the areas where students are residing.



Message by Dean IST for Graduate Students Dear Graduate Students,

I hope you and your families are safe, healthy and in high spirits against the challenging environment created by COVID19.

As you all know that all universities have been closed till 31st May on directives of HEC, however, there remains uncertainty in resuming regular classes from 1st June depending upon the spread of COVID19. Therefore, it has been decided to continue teaching with the help of online lectures during the shutdown period to reduce any expected delay in completion of your degree programs.

We are fully aware of difficulties being faced in online lectures and understand that online lectures cannot be 100% replacement of regular classes. Therefore, it has been decided that regular classes for 3 weeks will be conducted, when IST re-opens, to review and cover remaining course to supplement the online lectures as follows:-

  • The current pace of online lectures would be reduced, especially, during the month of Ramadhan
  • No midterm exam will be held, however, graded assignments will be given to students
  • Regular classes of 3 weeks (1st ~ 19th June) would be conducted to review online lectures and to cover missed contents.
  • End Semester Exam will be held in the 4th week (22nd ~ 26th June) after university re-opens
  • God willing, Insha Allah Fall-2020 semester will start as per schedule on 14th Sep 2020.
With your support, understanding and commitment; IA we will be successful in achieving our goals by the Grace of Allah Almighty.


Important Message from VC IST - Major General Rehan Abdul Baqi, HI(M), (Retd) My Dear " Proud Istians ",

As-salamu alaykum,

I hope and pray that you all are fine, staying positive and looking after yourselves and your families.

We have carried out exhaustive consultations with all stake holders including students, parents, faculty and other Institutions / Engineering Universities. As per the current directives of Government of Pakistan / HEC, we have chalked out a comprehensive plan to cater for the present contingency – which is that the University opens on 1ST Jun 2020 – by the Grace of Almighty Allah. Please read this carefully, and don’t forget, I need your whole hearted and unflinching support on this issue.

  1. Your health and safety and that of your family/community.
  2. Cater for major issues like the quality of instruction, connectivity challenges, labs, exams/evaluations, FYPs, convocation etc.
  3. Have reasonable flexibility to readjust if we can’t open on 1st Jun 2020 – with a view to "Not to lose your Semester" as far as humanly possible.

Dates Activity
From now ~ 21 May On line classes at a reasonable pace keeping in view the shortcomings of such an undertaking. Further readjust in Ramazan – if required.
24th May ~ 29th May Eid ul Fitr Holidays
1st Jun ~ 12th Jun 2 Weeks for Labs/Theory revision
15th  Jun ~ 19th Jun Mid Term Exam
22nd Jun ~ 17th Jul 4 weeks for Labs/Theory revision
20th Jul ~ 24th Jul End Semester Exams
27th Jul ~ 11th  Sep 6 Weeks Summer Vacations including Eid Ul Azha (other than FY students)
17th Aug ~ 21st Aug FYP Presentations
Dates Later Convocation
14th Sep Commencement of Fall 2020 Semester – Insha Allah

While we understand the limitations of “Off Campus” teaching, we definitely don’t have any other choice. Please do keep in mind that it’s something new for your faculty as well – but, believe me – they are making every possible effort to improve it constantly. I expect you now to fully focus on your studies, take notes of all clarifications that may arise and get answers from faculty later and with fellow students. Form groups where weaker student be helped/supported in whatever way possible. Help those students who have connectivity issues by sending recorded CDs or USB (your department can assist you in this regard also)

Relevant authorities are aware of this issue. Efforts are in hand in HEC to ensure a national level effort to mitigate this challenge. Government is seeking special connectivity and packages for students with Mobile Service Providers all across the country. A special effort is also being undertaken with SCO for GB and other remote areas.

I require your unflinching support and understanding on this. This challenge calls for a united response. History will never forget or forgive those who wasted their time and the times of others in being critical and cynical and casting doubts. Please don’t be part of such negative effort. Stay positive, stay resolute. Together, we will improve on a daily basis. Your difficulties never leave my mind even for a second, but I assure you of our very best efforts – Insha Allah.

Stay blessed – can’t wait to see you on 1st Jun – by the Grace of Allah SWT.


Dear Students
It’s quite number of days that university is closed under the prevailing conditions. We are very much concerned about you and your families. You are advised to adhere to all precautionary measures being committed by Govt through various means. RESTRICT YOURSELF TO HOMES AND AVOID SOCIALISATION. This is the easiest way to fight this problem. You are advised to please communicate weekly about your health on IST mail. In case anyone is caught with Corona virus, someone from family must inform us on 03315244266. We shall pursue for all possible help. You must also Fill This Form if you have been tested Positive with COVID-19
Best of Luck

Regards. Dean IST


All students are advised to remain in contact with their Academic Coordinators and Instructors for getting update on posting of online lectures on whatsApp groups being created for this purpose. Online lectures will be regularly posted by instructors on weekly basis.


As per the orders of Federal Government, it is decided that IST will remain closed for all students till 5th April 2020 with immediate effect. However, arrangements have been made for online classes/lectures by the respective departments. All students are advised to stay at homes and adhere to the instructions issued by the government and medical authorities to avoid the risk of spread of COVID-19. The situation will be reviewed on 5th April 2020 for any further decision and will be displayed on IST website