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Hostel Registration Form
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Boarding Facility

Boarding facilities will be limited to students living outside Rawalpindi / Islamabad area. IST is managing 03 x hostels for boys and 1 x hostel for girls. Students are expected to bring decent colour linen and their amenities with them at the time of joining. Boarding facility will only be given depending on availability of rooms.

Cafeteria Services

The cafeteria services in IST are provioded by Cafeteria Contractor on cash basis. A spcious and well managed cafeteria is available on campus. However, cafeteria services in outside hostels are provided by Cafeteria Contractor(s) and Owner of Girls Hostel for girls, on fixed monthly basis.

Tuck Shop Services

A well-organized Tuck Shop is available on campus which caters students’ needs and serves all kind of beverages and snacks etc.

Dining Timings

Dining timings at IST and outside hostels are as under:-

Working Days

Breakfast - 0700 hrs to 0800 hrs
Lunch - 1130 hrs to 1500 hrs
Dinner - 2000 hrs to 2230 hrs

Weekends / Holidays

Breakfast - 0730 hrs to 1000 hrs
Lunch - 1330 hrs to 1430 hrs
Dinner - 2030 hrs to 2230 hrs

Quality Assurance Committees

A committee headed by a senior Administration member, Representatives of faculty, administration and students is constituted to check / cater the standard / quality of Cafeteria Services on campus and outside hostels.

Laundry Facility

Laundry facility is available at IST campus which caters the washing and ironing requirements of all boarding students. Fixed charges of laundry shop are paid by students on semester basis.

Attendant Services

One attendant in each wing of the hostel would be available for cleaning of rooms and other minor chores. The charges of the attendant will be born by students themselves.