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Extra-curricular Student Societies

  1. IST Environmental Society (IES)
    IST Environmental Society takes responsibility to take measures to preserve our surroundings. This society assists university Administration in formulation, monitoring and implementation of policies pertaining to environment. It also works to create awareness regarding the significance of environmental sustainability of IST and encourages young people to conserve nature by spreading awareness and conducting different activities for environmental protection within campus and outdoor. The Environmental Society aims to make IST a better place where every student of IST is an environmentalist, and knows that their every little action count in making our home planet - Earth close to its nature.
  2. IST Entrepreneurial Society (IES)
    IST Entrepreneurial society strives to create success in blazing a path of innovation for its members. Initiating new entrepreneurial ideas and producing employers rather than employees is the core aspect of this society. Students with a mindset of thinking out of the box and are committed to create opportunities for people, are encouraged to be a part of this entrepreneurial setup.
  3. IST Literary and Cultural Society (ILCS)
    IST Literary and Cultural Society (ILCS) garners and patrons the student literary, artistic and cultural ambitions. ILCS promotes creative writings, facilitates publishing of poetry, prose work, and holds meetings with renowned authors and culture-icons who nourish the participants with their experiences and skills. In addition, ILCS organizes events to revive the esteem of Urdu and regional languages in Pakistan along with the festivity of national heritage of culture. ILCS organizes Heritage Gala annually to promote native languages and inter-cultural harmony.
  4. IST Character Building Society (CBS)
    IST Character Building Society (CBS) encourages students to develop an environment that supports the students to acquire and practice high moral values and a strong sense of responsibility towards their fellows and society in general. Main objectives of the society are to promote and create awareness of the strong character attributes, moral and ethical values. Also to promote mutual respect and tolerance by inculcating disciplinary policies of IST pertaining to professional and personal development of the university students.
  5. IST Language Society (ILS)
    IST Language Society is aimed at equipping students with proficiency in languages other than their native language and English. Having even a basic understanding of languages other than English, tremendously increase one’s chances to seize more opportunities. Activities conducted under the banner of ILS makes it easier for students to comprehend the process of learning different languages. Languages introduced under ILS so far include but not limited to are, Chinese, Arabic and French.
  6. UMEED – Community Services
    UMEED, the educational awareness and community building society is run by the students of Institute of Space Technology and was awarded third prize at the 2016 Yousif Badri Civic Engagement International Competition. UMEED provides continuous material support to fifty rural area government schools and their students. UMEED has undertaken various welfare projects in these schools since its inception in year 2010. UMEED works in the areas of education, health, safe water and disaster mitigation. With efforts increasing each day, UMEED strives to eliminate the hurdles in the path of basic education of the under privileged.
  7. IST Dramatics Society - AOUJ
    This society aims at promoting the significance of the performing arts in personal development of IST students. The society provides a platform to students to showcase their talents such as acting, script writing, communication and teamwork. Dramas, short plays and skits have always been regular features of the IST Dramatics Society. AOUJ organizes a yearly intra-university dramatics competition, to provide an opportunity to students to present their acting and performing skills to the audience.
  8. IST Arts Society-ArtIST
    The society operates with a vision to enhance creativity and talent of the students. The platform helps students to create a balance in their personality and express their imagination through art. It helps students to explore their innovativeness thereby maintaining a healthy environment.
  9. IST Sports Society
    To relieve the academic pressure, sports are an integral part of the co-curricular activities at IST. A series of inter-departmental tournaments are held periodically throughout the year to facilitate participation of maximum number of students. IST Sports Society is responsible for conducting and facilitating all sports activities at IST, as well as training students for various intervarsity tournaments and for national level tournaments.
  10. IST Youth Club (IYC)
    IST Youth Club’s mandate is to celebrate/ observe National and International days at IST. IYC aims to promote nationalism and patriotism in students of IST by organizing Pakistan Day, Independence day Defense Day, Kashmir day, Yum-e-Taqbeer, Iqbal Day, Quaid Day, Labour Day etc.
  11. IST Media Club (IMC)
    The IST Media Club team prides itself on harboring great talent in many different fields such as photography, videography, graphic designing and content production. Each member of the club society possesses a dedicated and innovative spirit towards the work needed for different areas. IST Media Club collaborates with other societies within IST in addition to organizing their own independent media related events and workshops. The aim is to make each event an unforgettable experience for everyone and to make memories that will last forever. It conducts a Media Fest, an annual event where students are given an opportunity to demonstrate their media related skills.