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Message from HoD Department of Humanities & Sciences

Department of Humanities and Sciences is a supporting department which provides assistance across the various academic disciplines being offered in IST. In the present era the emergence of interdisciplinary research and the requirement of the industry has highlighted the significance of soft skills in the domain of science. Scientists and researchers need to develop interpersonal skills in order to achieve career growth as realizing their goals is not only determined by the possession of scientific knowledge of their field but also by their ability to develop emotional intelligence, team work, adaptability, work ethics and an overall positive mindset.

Our department aims to inculcate ethical values, morals, critical thinking and language proficiency in the students to become effective professionals. The experienced and dynamic faculty of our department is engaged in training the students to acquire knowledge and skills in the area of professional communication, leadership qualities and ethical aspects of citizenship. Students are provided hands-on experience of situations which they are expected to come across and deal with in their workplaces. The acquiring of these skills enhances the employability of the students of IST. Equipped with these professional expertise, our students become nation builders having a futuristic vision.