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  • To impart exposure to language arts, philosophy, and other fields in the humanities as a means to develop the moral, ethical, and intellectual foundations crucial for cultivating well-rounded learners who can engage with diverse and nuanced perspectives
  • To promote cross-disciplinary interactions that pave the way for critical insights and more sustainable practices in science
  • To equip engineering and science students with the cognitive skillset and linguistic tools necessary to navigate the increasingly integrated and complex professional environments of today
  • To empower engineers and scientists to articulate their ideas with clarity and effect, facilitating the successful implementation of solutions and the assimilation of novel innovations in society
  • To develop among future middle order leaders in industry and science the ability to discern and appreciate individual differences in personality, intelligences, motivation, and adaptability so as to maximize human potential
  • To instill patriotic values among the students in order to develop a sense of pride towards Pakistani identity in accordance with the vision of our founding fathers and their ideology