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Department of Mechanical Engineering

MS Mechanical Engineering

Specialization: Manufacturing Systems

Specialization in manufacturing systems combines the field of factory planning and scheduling, inventory control and queuing models, material flow and storage, optimization of production systems, forecasting, and linear and dynamic behavior of production systems for analyzing the manufacturing systems to improve the quality of products. This program allows the young engineers to assimilate systems perspectives with interdisciplinary education, combining the engineering study with hands-on training, and topical research activities.

The program covers not only the important aspects of manufacturing and industry, but also the business planning and management which are an essential part for the growth of industry and business. It also aims at producing quality products throughout the design process, thus focusing on integrated manufacturing and total quality management by keeping the design and production processes in parallel increasing responsiveness.

Key research areas in this specialization are as follows: 

  • Production planning and design 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Production & operational management 
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques 
  • Leadership & entrepreneurship

Manufacturing systems program enables the graduates to implement effective manufacturing systems. Reducing high costs and improving usability, maintainability and manufacturability are few important areas where department focuses on contributing and leading the ever changing definition and role of industrial and manufacturing systems engineering.