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Vacant Post - Assistant Technical Officer - BPS-16 (Contract) Deadline 15-July-2022

S No.NameSizeDateHitsDownload
1Eligibility Criteria and Details for the Post362.4 KB30-Jun-22534Download
2IST Application Form Administrative Post134.5 KB30-Jun-22171Download
3Newspaper Advertisement395.92 KB30-Jun-22177Download

Project Positions : Deadline 4-July-2022

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1Details52.58 KB18-Jun-22536Download
2Application Form70.23 KB18-Jun-22123Download

Faculty Positions - Jan, 2022

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1IST Application Form for faculty posts58.35 KB06-Jan-223892Download
2Tenure Track Form149.5 KB06-Jan-22978Download
3News Paper Ad267.44 KB06-Jan-223686Download
4Application Guidelines / Instructions80.92 KB06-Jan-221948Download
5HEC Eligibility Criteria for Faculty Posts Under Tenure Track System (TTS)41 KB06-Jan-221268Download
6Eligibility Criteria For Appointment Of Non-Engineering Faculty25.08 KB07-Jan-221296Download
7Eligibility Criteria For Appointment Of Engineering Faculty 24.43 KB07-Jan-221816Download