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HEC Innovator Seed Fund Grants Award Distribution Ceremony 2023

We are pleased to announce the extraordinary achievement that three startups from IST BIC have been granted HEC ISF funding today, which is upto 35000 USD (for each startup). Dr. Farrukh, visionary behind NewVative , Dr Arsalan , the mastermind behind Mount Tech and Dr. Atiq, the driving force behind Bioengineering Research and Development (Private) Limited, all have been recognized and rewarded. Our heartfelt congratulations to these startups. Their success reflects the commitment to excellence and entrepreneurship that defines our organization.

We wish them best of luck for their entrepreneurial journey.

Following are the statistics of the award:

Total applications: 206 (10 from IST)
Shortlisted for pitching: 66 (05 from IST)
Total awards: 30 (3 From IST)