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EMC Solutions Hosts PAEC Delegation for Collaboration and Partnership at IST's Avionics Engineering Facility

The Department of Avionics Engineering proudly established "EMC Solutions," an advanced EMC test facility, which recently welcomed a distinguished delegation from the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC). This momentous visit by the PAEC delegation, alongside the EMC Solutions team, marked an important milestone in collaboration.

Air Commodore Sardar Ahmed and Air Commodore Irfan Majid provided an insightful briefing on the EMC lab's capabilities, imparting valuable information on its cutting-edge technology and potential applications.

Conducting an illuminating practical demonstration, Lab Engineers Bilal Ahmed and Maha, supported by the technical expertise of Lab Technicians Waseeq and Farhan, showcased the facility's prowess and technical excellence.

Subsequently, a significant meeting was held to discuss terms and conditions for mutual cooperation between PAEC and EMC Solutions. The focus was on establishing a framework for collaborative growth, including resource sharing. PAEC expressed keen interest in the theoretical and technical training offered by EMC Solutions, extending an invitation for EMC's delegation to visit their own EMC lab. Moreover, PAEC sought collaboration on Avionics students' final year projects, envisioning assistance in simulations and diagnostic design for electrical circuits.

Contact details were exchanged between the EMC Solutions and PAEC delegates to further deliberate on the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), laying the groundwork for a promising partnership.

This interaction signifies a promising synergy between PAEC and EMC Solutions, aimed at mutual growth, knowledge exchange, and collaborative ventures in the field of Avionics Engineering.