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Mechatron 2023

Institution of mechanical engineers (IMechE) IST CHAPTER in collaboration with ASHRAE, ASME, and Department of Student Affairs organized Mechatron from January 4-6, 2023. The event included technical competitions, workshops and career counselling session. Students from different departments participated in the overall event. Following are the results of the technical competitions organized during the event:

Results – Mechatron 2023 – Technical Competitions
S. No. Competitions Winner names Department
1 Arduino Car Racing Competition Syed Khizer EE-21
Talal Hassan EE-21
Mustafa Khan EE-21
Hassan Abbas EE-21
Mohammad Dawood Tayyab EE-21
2 Glider Making Competition Muhammad Bilal ME-09
Shabih Abbas ME-09
Rahaya Tayyab ME-09
Abdul Rehman ME-09
3 Egg Drop Competition Tehreem Sajjad ME-08
Hamza Masood ME-09
4 Assembly Sprint Competition Mehar Muhammad Ali ME-11
Muhammad Musharib ME-11
Sohaib Shahzad ME-11
Maaz Ahmad ME-11
5 Truss Bridge Competition Saad Nawaz ME-09
Sohaib Ahson ME-09
Danish Khattak ME-09
Awaiz Nazir ME-09
6 Engineering Scavenger Hunt Salman Ali Hussain ME-10
Talha Hamid ME-10
Affan Qureshi ME-10

In addition to the technical competition, ANSYS Workshop was organized for the students of IST on January 4, 2023. 40 students from different departments participated in the workshop. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Hamad Asif, an alumnus of IST.

IMechE IST Chapter, also organized SOLIDWORKS Workshop on the January 5, 2023. A total of 35 students from various departments participated in this workshop.

A career counselling and motivational session was organized on January 6, 2023 in IST Auditorium. Mr. Umair Jaliawala was the guest speaker. About 220 students along with faculty members attended the session.