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IST Students & Alumni participation at "TECH SUMMIT 2023"

IPO Pakistan in collaboration with NUST has arranged a "tech summit" on 6th Dec, 2023 at NUST, Islamabad campus to show case innovative technology products / projects. Chief guest of this event is D-DG WIPO (Sylvie Forbin). The event is organized to promote the contribution of Pakistani universities in advancement of technology and innovation.

Our students and Alumni had the privilege of participating in the summit that brought together representatives from WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) and the Pakistan IP organization. The focal point of the summit was Intellectual Property (IP), and it provided an invaluable opportunity for learning and networking.

During the exhibition, various university students showcased their diverse projects. Attendees, including industrial professionals, engaged in meaningful interactions with students, posing queries about their projects and offering insights into professional life. The event provided a valuable platform for knowledge exchange and networking within the academic and industrial realms. ?