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About Materials Science and Engineering

A Materials’ Engineer is trained to study Nano- to Macro-structures and to determine a wide range of useful engineering properties of the materials. Fundamentals of Materials’ Science enables the student to establish the structure-property relationship using concepts of alloy designing and strengthening mechanisms. The education of Materials Science & Engineering plays a decisive role in technological development and there is an unavoidable role of a materials’ engineer in almost all industrial and R &D setups - ranging from aerospace, hydrospace, bullet trains to automobiles, metallurgical & manufacturing setups, nuclear as well as power plants, chemical and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical and food processing industry, and many others.

Graduates of Materials Science & Engineering study and resolve real-world problems associated with a spectrum of distress mechanisms operative during the long-term use of materials – may it be corrosion, fatigue or creep. These engineers become the backbone of hi-tech industrialization of the country.