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IST Safety Policy

Institute of space technology aim to provide and maintain safe & healthy working environment for its employees, students and to provide them with the necessary information, instructions and training to achieve them.

Objectives of Safety Policy

  • To protect our  students
  • To protect our surroundings
  • To ensure that Institute resources are used wisely through a high degree of chemical recycling, energy conservation and waste minimization
  • To adopt corrective and preventive measure to avoid or minimize accidents
  • To implement HSE because Health, safety and friendly environment is the key to accident prevention

General Safety Instructions for IST

  • Safety First - Protect yourself
  • Protect your surroundings
  • Keep the environment clean
  • Read safety instructions and emergency exit plan on notice board before entering any building 
  • Smoking is not allowed 
  • Avoid arson 
  • Read and follow the safety instructions before using any equipment
  • Use PPEs before performing work on any machine
  • Avoid fire-, electricity-, and chemicalhazards
  • Avoid slippery floors 
  • Avoid confined spaces and if inevitable then follow safety rules mentioned for that area
  • Protect yourself from heat strokes in summer

Generalized Safety Instructions for The Labs of MS&E Department

  • Use PPEs while handling chemicals
  • ‘Permit to Work’ (PTW) must be signed from HOD and Safety in-charge
  • Avoid lone working in the lab
  • Circulation blower must be operational during any chemical handling
  • Spillage and dust must be avoided 
  • Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of all chemicals must be read before experimentation
  • Ensure the availability of fire extinguishers in lab
  • Use spark free sockets
  • Before entering and starting experiment in the lab use notice board for important informations and emergency exit plans
  • Avoid mechanical hazards by reading SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) and using appropriate PPEs