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Short Course on Advanced Flight Control

Aircraft are ubiquitous and thus taken for granted. Nevertheless, flight is a complex process involving equilibrium, stability, and control of an intricate machine. In the past, linearized theory of stability and control has served adequately in the design and analysis of aircraft. However, modern aircraft keep expanding the flight envelope and operate in nonlinear regimes which do not lend themselves to facile analyses. Operation in these flight regimes also requires the use of nonlinear feedback control for necessary behavior modification. In this course, we will use computer simulation as a viable alternative for the analysis of complex closed-loop flight vehicle dynamics. Most of the major control methods being employed in flight control systems will be studied, providing students with a comprehensive foundation in the fundamentals underpinning aircraft modeling, simulation, and control design.

COURSE DURATION: June 24 - July 05, 2024
This short course will be spread over 10 working days with classes from 09:00 to 16:00 hrs.


Course Brochure
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